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Chicken Chorizo Chickpea Stew with Smoked Paprika

Paprika comes in three main forms—sweet, hot, and smoked—but my absolute favorite is the smoked version, also known as pimenton. Made from peppers that are smoked, dried and then ground, smoked paprika is very different from its sweet and hot counterparts. Pimenton adds earthy, pungent, rich, smokey dimensions to this Spanish-inspired stew.

Chinese 5-Spice Roasted Chicken

Crisp skin and juicy meat…the much beloved roasted chicken makes an easy weeknight meal. Here we spiced it up with Chinese 5-Spice, which is a blend of cinnamon, cloves, Szechuan pepper, fennel and star anise. This popular Asian spice adds a sweet-savory-pungent flavor to the humble chicken. One chicken + Chinese 5-spice = Easy, delicious

Magical Chicken Soup with Ginseng from Chef Judy Joo

One cold evening, make this Korean chicken soup from Chef Judy Joo for dinner. It’s her go-to soup for when she’s feeling under the weather, but you can enjoy it anytime. This soup recipe features: 2 whole baby chickens (or Cornish hens) garlic ginseng tea and/or root, which you can pick up at an Asian specialty

Le Livre Blanc by Anne-Sophie Pic {Cookbook Love}

“Cooking for the ones we love is the greatest proof of love.” —Anne-Sophie Pic Cookbook lovers, I have a new recommendation for you: Le Livre Blanc, a sleek, gorgeous, minimalist, all-white cookbook from Anne-Sophie Pic. If you aren’t familiar with Anne-Sophie Pic, she is a highly-regarded, award-winning French chef who owns a restaurant that’s been

Chicken satay {for the girl who loves Thai food}

There’s a very special little girl in my life who turns 5 next week. I agree with what “they” all say, how fast time goes. One minute she was a tiny infant I’d carry around SoHo from bookstore to playground to coffee shop and now she’s this wonderful person with her strong convictions, silliness, wisdom

The magic of mushrooms {3 recipes for the forager in you}

Humble, earthy mushrooms; they’re a favorite of mine—and I love them all, from the fragrant morels (which will be in season soon) to hen of the woods (which happen to have amazing health benefits). They add a rich I love adding mushrooms to a variety of dishes, so I’ve been trying to get S to

Spice up your Valentine’s Day: 6 Elegant Recipes {For Two}

I’ve been asked to be someone’s Valentine: my almost 5-year old daughter asked me and what’s even better, she actually told me that I make her heart sing. Wow. I think that’s quite possibly the best Valentine I’ve ever received. We won’t be cooking dinner this year, which is a big bummer. Long story but

The art of meeting offline + chicken with pancetta and sage

I am standing alone in my kitchen, my 4-year old daughter playing with legos, trains, crayons or whatever her favorite toy is at that moment. The kitchen is where I feel relaxed, creative, at ease. Cooking + writing are my favorite subjects and when I am doing either, I am most at “home.” These two

Lemon chicken + mashed potatoes…and intersecting dreams.

Have you ever had that feeling that various parts of your life have intersected perfectly? A few days ago I experienced this. Years ago, when I lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I used to sit in the front row of the Brattle Street movie theatre with my then boyfriend watching movies and munching on popcorn. A

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