Time for a new dishrack? I found a great one.

simplehuman products are both sleek + functional
Happy belated Thanksgiving, my dear readers. I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

It’s been a very hectic few weeks. After several weeks of packing, de-cluttering by either tossing stuff out or donating many, many belongings (what a relief!) I have finally moved. I, my hubby and my little darling have moved to a more family-friendly neighborhood.

Which is why I’ve been on hiatus here on my blog. Plus I was barely cooking since all my cooking essentials were stowed away. But how I’ve missed it, and all of you. But with moving comes buying new things, especially for my favorite part of the home: the kitchen. I’d thrown out my old dish rack a while back so a new one was one of my first new purchases.

I like the simplehuman brand so I went straight to their site and got the stylish steel frame dish rack. I highly recommend it, for its sleekness + functionality.

Why not toss out your old one, too, and get one that’ll add a modern look to your counter space. And even if you have a dishwasher, it’s good to have one for quick washes: cups, etc. In any case, definitely consider simplehuman. They also sell many other kitchen products, from soap pumps to paper towel holders.