Porchetta at DiPalo’s

When I pulled up to the base of Spoleto, a charming town on a side of a mountain in the Umbrian region of Italy I wondered, what is that white truck selling, the one with the long line? Before embarking up the cobblestones to visit an amphitheatre build in 1 A.D. I had to stop by to check out the white truck’s goods. Porchetta, an Italian pork roast, sat on a silver counter in all its savory glory, waiting to be sliced and placed in white paper for each customer. Of course I didn’t hesitate and joined the line. Surely these Italians knew what to have for lunch; the ancient aqueduct and theatre could wait.

Fortunately, I can now find this delicacy in my own neighborhood (though I do hope to visit Spoleto again). Di Palo’s Fine Foods is now selling this moist, herb-filled pork. Owner Sal (my husband’s on a first name basis with him, that’s how often he runs over there for treats) said we had to try it. Call ahead to make sure it’s available.

DiPalo’s Fine Foods/200 Grand St at Elizabeth/212-226-1033

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