Olive Oil

olive oil

I am a big fan of having a high-quality olive oil in my kitchen at all times. What Busy Hedonist wouldn’t? Several years ago I smuggled a bottle in from Umbria. I used it for everything, from salad dressings to sprinkling on steamed vegetables. I actually remember using the very last drop, and when I threw out the bottle I imagined returning some day to that very same olive oil factory on the side of a mountain, somewhere near Spoleto and Assisi. Until I find that magical bottle again, my go-to place is Dean & Deluca. I’m often walking in Soho with my toddler so it just makes sense, and they carry a wide variety. On their web site, I like how they’ve categorized them: soft & buttery, full-flavored & fruity and rustic & peppery. My choice: although I normally like them very fruity, this time I tried a soft & buttery, thus opted for the Castelas Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Pricey, but worth it.

I think a nice bottle of olive oil makes a great gift for yourself or your favorite food lover. Visit Dean & Deluca for more information. They’ll deliver so you won’t have to fight the holiday crowds.

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