NYC Food Film Festival

Skip the faux-buttered popcorn and mass-produced candy. When I heard about the Food Film Festival I was immediately interested. I can watch a food-related film and eat food that appears in the movie, too? That means chocolates, oyster, ice cream and more. Sounds dreamy.

The 4th annual NYC Food Film Festival is happening now (it started yesterday) until Sunday, June 27th.

Here are some of the selections:

Beer Wars
Dir. Anat Baron
An amazing journey into the heart of corporate beer and the small independent brewers it leaves in its wake.

The Kee to Chocolate
Dir. Karen Fischer
A portrait of a woman who left the financial world to pursue her passion for fine chocolate

Brooklyn Flea Food
Dir. Liza de Guia
Liza rambles through the Brooklyn Flea Market and meets the people who feed the shoppers.

The Chef’s Letter
Dir. Sybil H. Mair
A successful chef is overwhelmed by unrequited love.

Florent: Queen of the Meat Market
Dir. David Sigal
A loving tribute to restaurateur Florent Morellet, his 24-hour NYC diner, and its extensive family of patrons. Includes interviews with Julianne Moore, Christo, and Isaac Mizrahi.

For the complete list of movies, click here.

For the schedule, click here.

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