This is like having extra hands in the kitchen: The Ninja Master Prep

Lately, breakfast is the most leisurely meal at my my house. It’s my daughter’s favorite meal, and we’re not exactly running out to the playground early in the morning this time of year. So it’s not uncommon to find me whipping up French Toast and such in the middle of the week, or for breakfast to lean into lunchtime when the the lazy morning bubble seems to suddenly burst with busy-ness. So I want to thank Santa for this Ninja Master Prep, which lessens prep time, and which seems to have brunch written all over it.

The Ninja Master Prep has three components, one that blends, one that crushes, one that chops. For me that translates into breakfast/brunch items like smoothies (a great way to get my toddler to “drink” a lot of fruit), whipped eggs, crushed ice for beverages and chopped vegetables for omelets (a good way to get a child to eat her veggies). And each task performs on par with professional ones I’ve used. Yes, chopping vegetables by hand is perfectly fine, but with my busy life, this is like having another set of hands in the kitchen because it works so quickly.

You will hopefully have your own ideas on how to use the three devices that make up the Ninja Master Prep, and that’s what great about it: you can make ice cream, crush berries, chop fruit, onions, garlic and so much more. For the busy cook, it’s a welcome kitchen tool.

The Ninja Master Prep is available at Amazon and other retailers.