Mom & Daughter Aprons

Mom & daughter aprons from Sur La Table

My toddler loves to help me cook, and especially when I bake. She loves saying “cake” and “cookie,” a girl truly after my own heart. Admittedly it gets very messy, which is perfectly fine. It’s just so cute to watch her smiling as she dips measuring spoons into sugar and flour, or takes the spatula and tries mixing ingredients in a bowl.

So I thought it be would be cute to get these pretty aprons, mostly because I know she’ll love parading around the house while wearing hers, proud to be a sous chef. I doubt I’ll wear mine very often, but I know she will, even when we aren’t cooking. And although they’re fitting for Easter, they can certainly be used all spring and summer.

The aprons are from Sur La Table.
Adult Apron – $12.49
Child’s Apron – $9.99

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