Lobster rolls at Braeburn

The knuckle sandwich at Braeburn

The knuckle sandwich at Braeburn

In my quest to find the best lobster rolls in the city for an article, I found myself sitting at the bar at Braeburn. Now I am a New England girl at heart, so eating a lobster roll while sipping a glass of white sangria in the West Village could be considered sacrilege by some ruddy lobsterman up in Gloucester. But said lobsterman might enjoy this one himself, that is if he’s open to trying a more polished sandwich.

Braeburn’s chef Brian Bistrong calls his a knuckle sandwich since that’s the only lobster meat he uses. If you’re of the “lots of mayo” ilk, then this one isn’t for you. This lobster sandwich, which comes on a small toasted roll from Eli’s, contains shaved fennel, citrus, fresh mint (from the chef’s garden) and just enough mayo to hold it all together, in other words, not your typical clam shack version. And though steadfast New Englanders would balk at this, I know I’ll be back for more.

Braeburn/117 Perry St at Greenwich St/212-255-0696

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