Healthy Chef Creations

Normally I’m never too busy to cook, but these past few weeks I’ve been swamped, rewriting a book, which was challenging yet amazingly gratifying, going to Boston to celebrate birthdays and of course the everyday busyness of being a mom to a very active 2-year old.

Which is why I was excited to find out about Healthy Chef Creations, a meal delivery service created by a chef. Chef John Procacci has created delivery meals with menus (that are customizable) for busy families (and not just dinner, but breakfast and lunch, too), including children’s menus, vegetarian menus and even dessert. So while I’m truly overly extended with work and life, I can take a break from the kitchen (admittedly it’s nice to do so once in a while). Chef Procacci’s food leans toward being health-conscious, yet that doesn’t take away from the appeal of the varied menu choices: crepes with fruit, Tuscan salad, mahi mahi tacos, osso buco, plaintain-crusted chicken with papaya salad, coconut curry butternut squash and dessert that includes flan, apple pie and carrot cake. And if you are health-conscious or need diet meals delivered the meals are organic and portion-controlled.

If you know of any new or expecting moms, this would be a great gift. Or order for yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed with what to make for dinner; Healthy Chef delivers nationwide. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. I certainly was.

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