Cook. Eat. Indulge. And oh yes, be merry. {Gifts for Busy Hedonists}

Still shopping for the perfect gift?

I’ve assembled several standouts to surprise your favorite food lover.

For the coffee lover

Intelligentsia Coffee Set - Was $149

The Intelligentsia Coffee Set 

Le Creuset is my absolute favorite cookware (in Flame, the color shown here), so I wanted to share one of their newest products with you. The Intelligentsia Coffee Set makes a great gift to perk up your favorite coffee lover. The set includes a French Press, 2 mugs, a storage jar and a $25 gift certificate to Intelligentsia, a direct-trade coffee roasting company. Also in red, brown and blue. $129.

Get this gorgeous coffee set here.

For the tea lover

Kettle Tea Pot from Norm.Architects

Zen simplicity meets Scandinavian design in this stylish/functional tea pot from Norm.Architects. Aside from its sleek appearance, the most appealing aspect is that it has a built-in tea steeper that can be raised once the tea has brewed to your liking. So no bitterness, and no mess. $59.

It’s tea time. Get your tea kettle here.

For the dessert lover


Hot fudge from Slickepott

One taste of this all-natural hot fudge from Slickepott, which is based in upstate New York, and I’m certain you’ll want to keep a jar stored to serve over your next dessert. Wondering what Slickepott even means? It’s a Swedish idiom, referring to the index finger or a rubber spatula; a verb to describe licking something delicious from a bowl, spoon, or beater. It’s also been used as an affectionate nickname for “the one who licks the bowl.” $9.50-12.95.

Buy this rich hot fudge online at Slickepott.

For the truffle lover

Black Truffle Salt from Urbani

Flecks of black truffles are added to sea salt for a welcome addition to roasted chicken, potatoes, omelets and more. Get this for your favorite home cook. $22.99.

Buy this special, aromatic salt at ItalyDepot.

For the ginger lover

Ginger powder from Wakaya

Ginger is one of my favorite ingredients. While I usually buy it fresh in Chinatown, I just love cooking with this powder.  Add it to tea, a stir fry, a sauce, rub or paste. You’ll love the flavor this imparts to everyday meals. $24.00

If your favorite home cook loves cooking with ginger they’ll love this zesty  powder from Wakaya.

For the Champagne + sparkling wine lover

Reidel Sommeliers Champagne Flute

I enjoy celebrating all year long, sometimes with a glass of Champagne, which is why I believe everyone should have a set of these elegant flutes in their collection. Riedel makes these exceptional glasses in their family-owned factory in Austria. A perfect present for those who like the best. $68.

Celebrate today. Available at Williams Sonoma.

For the cheese lover

DIY Cheese Kit from Belle Chèvre

Know someone who would love to make their own cheese? Sounds fun, right? This  gift from Belle Chèvre will be a hit for someone who loves goat cheese—and who’d love to make it on their own. Don’t worry, it’s easy to make. $27.

This fun gift is available at Belle Chèvre.

For the literary food lover

Complete Set from Remedy Quarterly

Know a voracious reader who loves food? They’ll enjoy this set of independent, ad free, inspiring magazines that contain anecdotes, recipes, tidbits and more. Complete set $105. (Single issues also available.)

Order the complete set at Remedy Quarterly by December 18th for Christmas delivery.

  1. I love your ideas! I’m a tea drinker, but adoring the Flame Le Creuset coffee set and have someone in mind. I’ve bought the Truffle Salt for my brother (his hobby is cooking) before and he absolutely adored it.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds!

  2. These are such good ideas…I’m really intrigued by the DIY goat cheese kit! Sounds fun and delicious! And that coffee set…ay ay ay!! Thank you oodles! 🙂 Hope you’ll get to enjoy some or all of these!

  3. I love the tea pot as well as the literary food lover gift idea! Our son is a chef and this would be the perfect gift for him and he would just love it!! Yay! Thank you

  4. I must have that tea pot! I think that will be under the tree from me this year! I make a cinnamon tea that is loose…it cracks the Bode pot …this would work perfect! I also think that making goat cheese would be an excellent way to pass Christmas vacation …for my granddaughter! She thinks she is too old for toys now…and this would be something fun and educational. Thanks for sharing these great suggestions Christie.

  5. I had to laugh wondering…does the make your own goat cheese kit come with a goat?! What a great assortment of unique gifts and all price ranges too. Is it okay if I buy them for myself! Truffles have been a topic quite a bit lately, maybe I should try those. Great list.

  6. Tracey, what a great, helpful post!!
    There’s really something for everyone on this list!
    I actually found two very interesting things, the goat cheese kit for myself 🙂 (really, you can make it yourself??) and the food stories books for a friend. I’ll seriously check them out!

    Thank you so much for this,

  7. Um, yum! Though I think I might be the one most obsessed with foodie gadgetry and toys among my family and friends, this certainly ups the bar in terms of classy gift-giving. I love your taste Tracey and I want to come play in *your* kitchen!

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