7 Edible Gifts for the Sweet Tooth in Your Life

I want to share some sweet discoveries with you, chocolates and other goodies I’ve tasted recently (some at The Chocolate Show a few weeks ago in NYC). They all make great gifts, whether you want to surprise a special someone with a box of chocolates or indulge a group of friends, family members or colleagues with a batch of cookies. For even more food-related gift ideas, check out my Top 10 Gifts for Food Lovers on The Gourmet Blog at Dean & DeLuca.

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Pizzelles from Bella Pizzelle
I recently received these is a gift, and devoured them with my daughter and husband in one sitting. When you order a batch of pizzelles, they’re made fresh by the DiNorscia family in Philadelphia. One bite and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to an Italian grandmother’s kitchen.

Available at Bella Pizzelle

Truffles from Kee’s Chocolates
Kee’s doesn’t ship but if you’re in NYC, these chocolates (and French macarons) make an exquisite gift for the chocolate lover in your life. Owner Kee Ling Tong, who left her corporate job to pursue her dream of making chocolates (a woman after my own heart), makes all her confections by hand and with all fresh ingredients. Earl Grey, Champagne, fennel, black tea with rose petals…the fillings and infusions of Kee’s truffles are unique and incredibly satisfying.

Available at Kee’s Chocolates

Chocolate Chip Cookies from Salt of the Earth
If you’ve yet to come across a perfect chocolate chip cookie, please run, not walk to Salt of the Earth. Their chocolate chip is just about the most perfect I’ve tasted. The dough is a balance of chewy and crisp; the chocolate chunks are from E. Guittard Chocolates and the finishing touch, Maldon Sea Salt from England, turns the cookie into a masterpiece.

Available at these stores in New York.

Bonbons + chocolates from Chocolate for the Spirit
The bonbon/truffle assortments not only taste good, but they look great, making an assortment a beautiful gift. I enjoyed the beautiful chocolate Buddha I tasted at the Chocolate Show as well as one of their most popular items: the Dark Chocolate Mayan Spice bar, which contains cinnamon, chipotle and ancho chili.

Available at Chocolate for the Spirt

Treasure Chest from Jacques Torres
Want to see a huge smile on a chocolate lovers face? This treasure chest from Jacques Torres containing 50 pieces of bonbons, Champagne truffles, hot chocolate and loads of other goodies could make the most miserly person smile.

Available at Mr. Chocolate

Gratitude Cookies from Zen Rabbit
What are you grateful for? Isn’t that the true spirit of the holidays? An attitude of gratitude is the surest way to success, so these classic butter cookies make a perfect gift to anyone who needs a reminder to be grateful for what they have.

Available at Zen Rabbit

MOHO Chocolate Bars
For the socially-conscious chocophile in your life, send a bar of single origin chocolate from the Moho River in Belize made by the owner of Cotton Tree Lodge. It’s socially-responsible, direct-trade—and delicious. I’ve melted down the bars for some mighty-fine hot chocolate.

For more information, visit MOHO Cocoa

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