Cookies make a great gift, especially these: Alchemy by Carla Hall

Do you like bringing cookies as a gift, but sometimes can’t find the time to actually bake. Yes, I love baking cookies. Yes, I love baking several kinds so that there’s a variety. But lately, oh lately I can barely make one batch as I am running around looking at pre-schools for S for September, among a million other things (articles, an iPhone application I am developing, making dinner and oh yes, life in general!). So this tin of four different types of cookies came in handy when attending a party at a friend’s house. These aren’t your average-sized cookies; they are adorable and petite, meaning you can nibble on all four flavors and not feel like you’re over indulging. And what’s better is that they’re made by one of my favorite contestants on Top Chef: Carla Hall. If you watched the show, I’m sure you remember her.

Her new company, Alchemy, creates sweet and savory cookies. The sweet collection includes: Mexican chocolate chip, Hawaiian wedding, Pecan shortbread with vanilla salt, oatmeal with white chocolate and cranberries and black forest crinkle. I didn’t try the savory, but those are: smoky blue cheese walnut, cheddar pecan, goat cheese with dried cranberries, parmesan shortbread and spiced nuts.

So if you happen to be too busy to bake one day and know you want to bring something along, consider Alchemy. Come to think of it, I should have brought some to the nursery school teachers I am meeting. Maybe on my next visit.

For more information (and to find out what Carla is up to), visit Alchemy by Carla Hall.