Cookbook Writing Academy

Class starts October 23rd!

Have you always wanted to write a cookbook?

Do you have recipes typed up in Word docs, written down in notebooks, swirling around in your mind?

Have you wondered how to piece it all together into a book?

Join The Cookbook Writing Academy so you can create your cookbook proposal and be on the road to publication.

In this 5-week program, I’ll help you put your cookbook idea into a proposal form for you to pitch to cookbook agents and/or publishers. Or, if you’d rather self-publish, you’ll have the bulk of your book ready for publication.

Course Modules Include:

1. Your Ideas—Narrowing them down into a solid concept

In this module you will learn how to take your ideas and turn them into a concrete concept for a cookbook. Once you have the concept, you begin on the proposal, an important document that will help you get published.

2. The Proposal, Part I

In this module, you will learn:
the importance of a proposal
Writing a compelling introduction that will attract agents and publishers
Organization: separating your recipes into chapters
The different sections of a full-fledged proposal
Should you include a sample chapter?

3. The Proposal, Part II

In this module, you will learn:
What to put in your bio to attract agents
How adding in competitive analyses will help differentiate your book
Marketing ideas to help you stand out

4. Your Platform

In this module, you will learn:
What to put on your web site to attract readers
Sprucing up your social media
Which social media is best for you

5. Landing an Agent or Self Publishing?

In this module, you will learn:
Deciding between the traditional route or the self-publishing route
The different steps to take for each
How I landed an agent
Next steps

Throughout the course, I will share aspects of my proposal that landed me an agent and a book deal, what it’s like to work with an agent, and how letting go helped me sell the book.

In the Cookbook Writing Academy, you will receive special attention via a private Facebook group (or email if you don’t use Facebook): you will be able to share your ideas for your cookbook, ask questions, share your progress and brainstorm your ideas with me. I will help you create your concept and will take a look at your intro, bio, and other parts of your proposal.

This is a brand new class, available for a limited time, so I’ve kept the price low.
Your investment: $299 for the course, which includes a private Facebook group where you can ask me anything.

Optional: Get even more personalized help. Add in Two Private 45-minute phone or Skype conversations for an additional $100, where the focus is solely on you and your book. We can schedule these at the beginning and at the end, so I can further help you with your concept, questions you have and next steps.

The course is delivered once a week via email starting October 23rd and includes the private Facebook group where we will share ideas. You’ll be able to tag me and ask me questions about your concept, help with editing your document, and more.

Why take the class with me?
Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved cookbooks, so much so that I not only read them, but I collected them, too. Later, I decided I wanted to write my own cookbook—a dream that came true with The NYC Kitchen Cookbook, which was published in August 2017. I will share my journey with you so that you can do the same! My process will help you make the endeavor of creating a cookbook as easy as possible for you.

I’d love to help you with your dream of publishing a cookbook. Let’s get started! Sign up today.

The first 25 students will receive a free 30 minute call with me to discuss your cookbook concept!

Cookbook Writing Academy

“The NYC Kitchen Cookbook reflects its namesake city perfectly. It’s a melting pot of spices, ingredients, and dishes from around the world that can only come together in a city like New York.” ―Linnea Johansson, author of Food for Friends

“I like to talk food, share food, reminisce about great meals, and savor every bite on my plate―preferably in the company of fellow food lovers. For me, traveling to New York City is an epicurean adventure, made even better when Tracey is my guide. Some leave the city with the latest designer handbag. Not me. I leave the city with exotic salts and chocolate from The Meadow, ancient grain pasta, a jar of fig jam from Il Buco, savory spices from Kalustyan’s, and so much more. Yes, I wouldn’t think of visiting NYC without Tracey’s guidance.” ―Sue Ann Gleason, culinary nutritionist and nourishment guide

“Tracey captures the essence of what it’s like to pick up ingredients in a city bustling with shops and flavors. Her recipes are fun, approachable, and make cooking in New York an exciting adventure.” ―Maille US

“Authentic, satisfying meals start with locally purchased ingredients. Tracey gives you great tips on finding these ingredients in New York City.” ―Emile Henry USA

“With this book, you can take a tour through NYC’s best food shops.” ―Mauviel USA
About the Author

About Tracey Ceurvels

Author of the cookbook, The NYC Kitchen (Skyhorse, August 2017) and a food and travel writer with articles in The Boston Globe, Relish, NY Daily News, Time Out NY, Condé Nast Traveler, Martha Stewart, among others, Tracey lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her 9-year old daughter. She enjoys traveling and creating fun, adventurous meals for home cooks.

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