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Tracey Ceurvels, aka, The Busy Hedonist, a busy home cook, food + travel writer, and mom, announces her new line of kitchen products, starting with the 2-in-1 Zester + Grater.

“I’m excited to share one of my favorite kitchen tools with other home cooks,” said Ceurvels. “I use the 2-in-1 Zester + Grater to add lemon zest to salad dressings, lime zest to shrimp, ginger into a soup or stir fry, dried peppers to spice up a stew, Parmesan onto pasta and fresh mozzarella onto homemade pizza that I make every Friday night for my daughter. You can even use it to grate chocolate onto ice cream or into dessert recipes.”

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Discover the secret of cooking. Watch a video about the zester/grater.

The Busy Hedonist, who’s inspired by her travels around the world and the ingredients found in the specialty food markets in New York City, where she lives, creates recipes with unique ingredients and bold flavors. The 2-in-1 Zester + Grater offers home cooks the ability to add such ingredients as cheese, lemon zest, ginger chocolate and dried peppers into their meals.

The 2-in-1 Zester + Grater has a saffron-colored handle and its benefits include:

– Modern design
– Fast, easy grating
– Perfect for any kitchen
– Hand held for easy use
– Soft, comfortable non-slip grip
– Etched blade for optimal sharpness
– Zest cheese, fruit, onions, ginger and more
– Food-grade FDA Standard
– Dishwasher safe
– Helps you create fresh, tasty meals night after night.

With The Busy Hedonist’s sleek, stylish and modern 2-in-1 Zester + Grater, home cooks will be able to zest and grate cheese, citrus fruits, dried peppers, chocolate, ginger, garlic and other ingredients into their recipes.

Get your 2-in-1 Zester + Grater on Amazon.com today.

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