Get a buzz…my Q&A with a coffee expert

I can’t recall when I first became a coffee addict because I’ve always been a tea drinker (and still am), but it was definitely solidified when my daughter was an infant. Too many nights with too little sleep at the very beginning of her life made me crave coffee as soon as I awoke. Now granted I’d have only one cup a day, but that one cup became an addiction because it was something I absolutely had to have, or the day would not feel like it began properly. And I got into it, buying French presses and bags of coffee at my nearby coffee shop, The Roasting Plant, and some shops that are a bit farther, like La Colombe Torrefaction or Abraco. I’d try various beans and decided on a standby from The Roasting Plant: the Ethiopian Harrar, which has hints of blueberry. And while my real love affair with coffee began in the spring of 2008, I never realized how much there is to know about coffee. Which is why it was a treat to encounter John Moore, VP, Sales & Marketing, Dallis Coffee. This man is a true coffee expert, and I’d love for you to read my Q & A with him in Haute Living.

You may have been like me: stuck on getting a caffeine buzz and not caring much about what’s behind the bean. But I can assure you there’s so much more to know, and if anyone knows all about coffee, it’s most definitely John Moore. And, Dallis Coffee, where he’s the VP, sells their beans to many NYC coffee shops.

Here are two gorgeous photos of John Moore’s recent coffee expedition to Rwanda:

And in case you’re in NYC, or coming to NYC, please check out my go-to coffee spot:
The Roasting Plant/81 Orchard St below Broome St/212-775-7755

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