City Bakery

Caramelized French Toast

Caramelized French Toast

One of my daughter’s first words was Num Num. This was used for anything scrumptious she happened upon, which was definitely the case when we bought a slice of caramelized French Toast at City Bakery. After a stroll through the High Line on a windy Sunday, we stopped in for this and a cup of hot chocolate. Sourdough bread, crunchy sugar on the outside…Num Num indeed.

I have a love/hate relationship with City Bakery. It’s mobbed, overpriced and not a very comfortable spot to sit and relax, especially with a stroller. But for their chocolate chip cookies, pretzel croissants, macaroni and cheese, hot chocolate and the amazing French Toast, I return again and again–and I suggest you make a pit stop for, at the very least, their hot chocolate. There are more comfortable places to park yourself, but at City Bakery it’s the food that reigns, and when you’re a Busy Hedonist, that’s all that matters.

City Bakery/3 West 18th St b/w 5th & 6th/212-366-1414

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