Swedish Visiting Cake Bars by Dorie Greenspan {Cookies for Kids’ Cancer}

Host a Bake Sale to Help Fund Cookies for Kids’ Cancer When my daughter Sabrina was born 10 1/2 years ago, I lived in NYC’s Chinatown and was a member of a parenting group named Bowery Babes, which is how I found out about local mom Gretchen Witt and her son Liam, who very sadly

Aida Snacks & Party Food


It’s always nice to bring something over to a friend’s house. While a bottle of wine is generally a good option, why not bring something else along with it? And I’ve found something I think you’ll enjoy. There is an adorable wine bar in the East Village called Lois. If you’ve ever been to Lois

You must try this ice cream from Adirondack Creamery

Craving ice cream? It’s easy to get bombarded with all the choices at the supermarket these days. You stare into the freezer wondering which one will hit all of your requirements. For me that means super creamy and something off the usual ice cream radar. Which is why I was excited to taste the kulfi-pistachio

Petrossian Caviar

Petrossian Caviar

An Insider’s Look at the Petrossian Caviar Warehouse I was told the location was private. No signage. No clues. Nothing to lead me where I was supposed to be. And that’s exactly what I discovered as I walked up and down the street on a hot and humid spring day looking for the highly-covert Petrossian

Maille Mustard Gift Set

Maille Mustard Gift Set Featuring NYC-centric Products Mustard is one of my favorite ingredients. I use it in salad dressings. I slather it on meat. I mix it with herbs and spices for marinade and I eat it as a condiment. Needless to say I was excited when Maille, a famous French mustard store, opened

Pairing Cheese & Beer

I recently attended a beer and cheese tasting and I thought, what a great idea for a get-together with friends. Pairing cheese & beer might sound unusual, since wine is the drink most often served with cheese. But one taste of these combinations just might change your mind. Each pairing worked incredibly well, so I am going to

A new burger in NYC to try {the Surf ‘n Turf from Wahlburgers}

Every now and then there’s nothing like biting into a juicy burger. And New York City has some amazing options when you want to go out for a burger. There’s the no frills burger at Corner Bistro, a favorite haunt in the West Village, the many options at Paul’s Da Burger Joint, a greasy, not-at-all-fancy

Couscous from Looly’s {Super Easy Ideas for Lunch}

What’s your go-to meal for lunch? Sometimes lunch creeps up on me. That’s because I become so engrossed in what I’m doing (a sure sign that I love what I do). For this reason, the day goes by so quickly and sometimes it’s almost time to pick up my darling daughter at school. During the

A visit to Titan Foods {Baked shrimp salad with orzo + ouzo}

The wonders of Titan Foods, a Greek Supermarket in Astoria, are many. Walk in and you might feel you’ve ended up in Greece, not Queens, thanks to the Greek music playing overhead, the blue and white flags, and of course the food, most of which is imported straight from Greece. What you’ll love about Titan

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